Exposed of Censorship

Rittinan Chanaka
3 min readNov 1, 2020

In Thailand many students in generation x and Y have curious that why they not have a political science class in school or why the education didn’t teach us about political. I have read from the website the Matter and they had interview few of student about the politic in school. One of the students said that they never learned about the politic from school but they have heard about it from the tutor that they have register. In the other hand another student said they have researched on their own by using the internet.

The students said in the classroom mostly will teach about Thai traditional and Thai king history in the past since Sukhothai. This make me curious about the censor in education. In other country such as USA some of parents anti to allow their kids to study about Charles Darwin because it will against what religion teach. The cause of this event is kids will don’t have an information of the evolution and they will lack of logic in the future. This is similar to Thailand but in our case is we didn’t study about politic and what will it cause to students in the future.

I starting to have a question about Thai people in generation X and Y. Did the decision of people generation x and y came from the lack of information. The education have a job to make students have knowledge in the truth for every side. Did the censorship in education create “Selective Exposure”.

I have made an idea to visual the action of students when they have explore the information on their own because of the censorship in the education by using Ar.

When the smart phone scan into the information in the Social studies book. It will show the information that the education system censored from the students.